Located at 105 km from Sofia, in the Western Stara Planina Mountain Range, the Monastery expands imagination by its construction, proportions, architecture, stone sculptures  and relief on the outer walls. It dates back to 1850-1853 and is devoted to Sveti Yoan Predtecha (St. John the Precursor). The Monastery church has preserved one of the most beautiful iconostases in North Bulgaria - a real filigree in the best traditions of the Samokov School of Art. The icons are the work of Nikolai and Stanislav Dospevski. The Lopushanski Monastery has been officially designated a National Monument of Culture.


It is situated within the memorial complex of the same name commemorating the fallen for freedom and democracy from the Uprising of Chiprovtsi in 1688 until today.

Amidst an oak wood with a lot of greenery and well-formed alleys, 2 km away from the nearest settlement and 15 km away from the town of Montana, the inn is the perfect place for your rest, secret date or a gathering with friends.

There are 5 rooms and 1 apartment with their own bathrooms and toilets, TV, air-conditioning, and local heating. The inn can accommodate a total of 16 people.

A restaurant with 60 + 120 summer seats, a day bar with 18 seats.

Opening hours - all the year round, nonstop.

Transport and trips with an 8-seat minibus.

There is a picturesque mini-dam lake with perfect condition for fishing at a distance of 250 m. The two rivers Pomezhdinska and Dalgidelska merge at a distance of 1 km, flow into the Ogosta River and form the second biggest dam lake in Bulgaria 12 km farthest - the Ogosta Dam, which is most convenient for windsurfing, fishing and sun-bathing.


House for guests in the village of Glavanovtsi

The house has 3 rooms with a common bathroom and toilet, a well-equipped kitchen and a summer garden. It is let without a landlord or landlady living in. It is on the way to the Western Stara Planina Mountain Range and the summit Kopren with a picturesque waterfall below it. The Koprenska Eco-Trail begins here. 

Tourism opportunities in the vicinity:

At 18 km - the famous carpet center of the town of Chiprovtsi.
At 15 km, above the village of Kopilovtsi starts the Koprenska Eco-Trail.
At 52 km are the attractive Belogradchik pinnacles and medieval fortress.
At 100 km is the town Vidin.
From Mt. Kom (2,016 m) starts the E3 transeuropean walking trail;
There are excellent conditions for fishing.

The village of Glavanovtsi

The Balova Shouma Dam


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Bulgaria, Lopushanski Monastery
3470 Georgi Damyanovo Municipality
(Montana region)